Return-on-investment (ROI) is one of the key factors you should consider when you talk with family members and friends about a home extension or addition. If you look closely at industry statistics, you’ll see that a well-designed and constructed addition to your home will return the investment you make if you decide to put your house on the market in the future.

This may well be the largest investment you make, after you’ve purchased a home and put an automobile or two in your driveway. With this in mind, you should give this decision all the attention it deserves. Your thought process should definitely include the fact that adding to your current home will be much less expensive than purchasing a new, larger home. In addition, you won’t have to spend the time and effort necessary to find that new residence and move your possessions into it.

Be Prepared

As you start the planning process, you might want to start working with experts in home additions in Perth. Their input can help you be prepared, as they will answer all your questions and clear up any concerns you may have about the process. With your ideas and this professional assistance, you’ll be sure to make the right decisions, thus saving yourself money and giving you the space you need.

Some examples of additions you might consider are full room additions, or adding a bedroom, a den, or additional space for entertaining. If you need private space for an elderly member of the family, you might start your planning with the idea of adding a granny flat. This is also a great option when an older child needs, but doesn’t have, their own individual space. You might find that these choices are much more practical than finishing a basement, which doesn’t deliver natural light or add square footage to the home.

As you begin to share your ideas with friends, family members, and your contractor or designer, be sure to discuss available yard space, so you don’t eliminate one of the benefits that you saw in your property when you made the original purpose. While you may not consider the emotional investment you have in your current home, in your lawn area, and in the planned addition, this is a factor to be included in your discussions.

The Perfect Solution

When the design and location are right, a home addition or extension can be the perfect solution to your need for additional living space, while allowing you to stay in the same location. Family needs change over time. With an addition like this, you can have the room, the privacy, and the luxury you want without having to purchase a new home.

Make your plans with the assistance of an experienced designer or contractor and enjoy all the benefits of an extension or addition.