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Are you looking to sell your property with minimum stress and maximum profit? Then you should seriously consider selling through a real estate auction. In this article, we discuss the numerous advantages of selling your home at auction rather than through traditional estate agent exchanges. Who better to get this advice from than the leading providers of property auctions Essex sellers trust?

Rapid Results & A Defined Timeline

When it comes to property sales, time is money, and auctions are the tortoise to the usual estate agent routes hare.  When you choose the auction route, it usually takes around 6 weeks for your property to be sold, with a couple of weeks spent preparing your property for auction followed by a 3–4-week auction. Furthermore, contracts are exchanged on the day of the auction, ensuring complete sale certainty in a short period of time. When you choose the estate agent-mediated route, the entire process can take on average 23 weeks to achieve a certainty of sale, or it can take even longer. With an auction, your property sale is dealt with efficiently, quickly and with complete certainty.

Higher Success Rate

Statistics don’t lie! Those properties sold via auctions have a higher success rate outcome. An impressive 79% of all properties put up for auction are successfully sold, demonstrating the effectiveness of this method. In comparison, only 51% of estate agent listings sell. This is an outstanding difference in success rate, with only half of all properties being advertised by estate agents being sold.

Erase Stress, Embrace Transparency

Say goodbye to the horror stories of some houses never selling, sales falling through at the last minute, and extortionate estate agent fees that have long plagued the market. Auctions bring tranquillity to the process, erasing the unpredictability nature of property transactions often associated with the estate agent process. With set timeframes and a clear roadmap, you’re always in the loop when you choose to sell your home via an auction. Say goodbye to waiting around in the unknown; auctions deliver certainty and clarity.

Provides A Safety Net

You are always guaranteed a minimum price for your property at an auction. You set a reserve price before the auction—a non-negotiable minimum price that someone must pay for your property. If the highest bid falls short of the asking price, the property remains yours and is not sold. When the hammer finally does fall on your property, the price, if higher than the agreed-upon minimum, is fixed and non-negotiable. This eliminates the need for endless negotiations and the risk of gazundering that often occurs when using traditional estate agent routes.

To summarise, when you choose to auction your property, you are opting for speed, efficiency, success, and complete peace of mind. The auction route promises a smoother, faster path to property success, with a defined timeline, impressive success rates, stress-free transactions, and price guarantees. If you believe it is time to embrace the benefits of selling your property via auction, contact Hair and Son today to learn more.