The aesthetically pleasing and highly versatile bi-fold doors are more than a perfect link between inner indoor spaces and are beautiful and useful connection created between indoor-outdoor spaces as well. As these doors replace an appreciable amount of wall, they should be chosen with care. Some important aspects worth considering while buying or choosing the bi-fold door include:

We now discuss some important aspects that you must consider before you buy a bi-fold door and a range of products allied to it (including the handles and security locks). This will help you learn how to buy a bi-fold door that is perfect for your space.

The built material

The aluminium bi-fold doors have the greatest strength, good looks and do not need heavy maintenance. Timber, however, can provide better energy efficiency and bi-fold doors have some very pleasing traditional aesthetic designs. But timber bi-fold need more maintenance. You can make a better choice by considering your own budget, the immediate environment, aesthetic wishes, and other aspects.

The “U” value or Energy Efficiency

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Since a range of products available, it requires to remain a bit careful while choosing bi-fold doors. Bi-fold doors made of Aluminium may offer less energy efficiency when compared to Timber and PVC. With the new designs the lower the “U” value, the better energy conservation the door would be able to offer. The U value is essentially the amount of heat that gets lost and is measured in Watt/ Square Metre. The new building regulations state that the new glazing should not have a value of greater than 1.8. Bi-fold doors with triple glazing have a U value of 1.6.


The internal panels for glazing and the locking systems comprising of multiple-point security underpinnings are the standards for ensuring security. High quality and robust handles and locks should be well integrated within the body of the bi-fold doors. The security equipment and measures should be regularly inspected and maintained as well. There are many companies that provide bi-fold doors and attachments/accessories related to it, created in-line with the security guidelines. It is good to choose high-quality products to make sure the security of yourself, your family members and your property.


It is always better to choose the doors, handles, security systems, and other attachments and accessories that come along with a guarantee. The guarantee makes the manufacturer more accountable and reflects that good quality materials have been used in the manufacturing of the products.

Lead time

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While you may always want your bi-fold door to be installed in a few days, it often takes around 1 month of time before it actually starts to please you. If you want an immediate installation, you might have to spend a few works more.


Make sure while buying bi-fold doors and related material that you get an insurance backed guarantee. An insurance backed guarantee provides with the claim in case of mishappening. It gives a peace of mind that in case the doors go up in smoke, your guarantee won’t go with it.

Bi-fold door and accessories, and a range of products related to this consumer segment are available online itself, and you can get a good quality door, quality handles, security system and other accessories through a phone call itself. Remember to check and inspect all the product brochures provided to you so that you get a good knowledge of your home’s bi-fold door before actually buying one.