Do you own a big property and are concerned about its security? Traditional gates are of no use when it comes to security purposes and is often considered as just a part of a property’s boundary. Large properties certainly need modern security solutions that are also able to add a bit of convenience as well. Have you ever heard about the automatic gates or electric gates? Well, if you haven’t, then you are missing something extraordinary that can help you with your ideal gate choice. Automated gates have become very popular in the past decade. 

Automatic gates help a lot to take eradicate the hassles associated with the functioning of your gate whenever you want to enter or exit your property. These gates also eliminate the need to recruit personnel who looks after the gates of your property. 

What Are Automatic Gates? How Do They Operate?

Automatic gates are often referred to as electric gates as they use the transmitter mechanism to transmit a signal, which results in opening the automatic gates. The most popular type of transmitter used is a remote, which can operate from a considerable distance. These gates don’t need you to get down from your car to open your gates. If you have one of such gates installed in your home, you can easily use the remote that will force the gate to open without the need of getting out of your car. This modern solution would surely give you luxury, convenience, and most importantly a reliable security option for the safety of your property. 

Moreover, automatic gates not only work or gets activated through a remote, but also by a fingerprint system. Overall, the automatic gate system is one of the best technological innovations that has helped people to live conveniently and in a carefree manner. 

What Are The Different Types Of Electric Gates Available? 

There are mainly three varied types of automated gate systems available in the market, which can operate in different ways. First is the Swing Type, according to its name, swings open and close when given the signal. The motor that is used in these gates is very so powerful that it releases enough power to force the gates to swing open and close. Usually, the swing gate types are very heavy. The second type is the fold type automatic gates in which there are several sheets of metal gates hinged together. When the gate is closed by a signal, the various sheets of metal expands or stretches to cover the entire area. On the other hand, the metal sheets can be installed in such a manner that it will contract on one side of the gate area to allow people to move in and out. The materials used to manufacture such gates are aluminum. 

The third is the slide type in which the gate closes and opens with the help of a sliding mechanism. A remote is a commonly used transmitter in case of sliding gates. They are powered with small wheels on the downward side to allow the gate to slide open and shut. 

Important Factors to Consider while opting for Automatic Gates 

  • Driveway Space Swing Type automatic gates are large, and hence, can operate with a long driveway while the slide type gates cannot. So one should choose according to the driveway space they have. 
  • Operating Speed If you are thinking about to installing the gate for your workplace with busy traffic entering and exiting, you should make sure the operating speed, i.e., closing and opening speed are more.

Considering the above two factors, one can buy the automated gate system for themselves. There are plenty of service providers who provide the service of automatic gate installation service. You can approach them online without any complication and can get these convenient and high-security systems installed. Installing automatic gates is very easy and not so costly at all.