If you are a resident of Telford and looking for a new house around the area, this is the right time for you to act now. The new builds Telford, a part of home development of Anwyl Thoughtful Homes in the area are now up for grabs. If you are interested in buying a home in Telford, it’s important for you to determine the type of house that fits your lifestyle. You can opt for any of the three types of house – condos, townhouse or detached house.

Condo or Co-op type

If living in a place with shared walls, common areas, and parking garage, condo type of house is not for you. You don’t have control over your home, because you’ll follow the rules of homeowners’ association which can affect some of your house decisions, such as if you can have pets or if you can accept visitors late at night.

Living in a condo may not be as convenient as living in a detached house. Because when you live in a condo, you will get along with so many neighbors and if you are not used to that life, you can’t live comfortably, conveniently, and even peacefully. But if you like to get along well with neighbors and like to socialize, you like condo life, and don’t mind paying monthly fees for homeowners’ association, a condo may be perfect for you. And if you live alone, you feel safe knowing you have neighbors.

Townhouse type

A townhouse is often constructed two or three stories high, which means you don’t have neighbors downstairs or upstairs and there you have more privacy and peace than in a condo. Townhouses feature attached garages on the ground, making your car more secure than in a condo parking garage, and there aren’t many townhouses in a development project than there would be in a condo building.

Townhouses like condos have monthly fees for homeowners’ association and nothing to worry also about maintenance of the building’s exterior. Townhouses are generally bigger than condos, and some have small yards.

Detached house

Detached house in new builds Telford a valuable living space in terms of price and ongoing maintenance, but it also provides you with the most convenience, independence, and privacy. Your property is probably gated with a fence all over, you won’t be sharing walls, and you’ll have more indoor space. Houses always have a yard so that you can have barbecues, gardening, and a playground for your kids and pets.

The are some disadvantages in owning a house, whatever goes wrong with it, you’ll be responsible for the repairs. You’ll be accountable also for maintaining the yard. Homes typically have the option on adding more space, whereas, in a condo or townhouse, the only way for you to enjoy a more prominent area is to move.

Since you already know what type of house that fits your lifestyle and you decide to choose a detached house, visit the new builds Telford located at Haygate Road, Wellington, Telford, TF1.