It is necessary to maintain your pond at regular intervals else the water will turn dirty and cloudy. Pond maintenance tips vary according to the season. You can purchase various tools for the maintenance of your pond. It is really important to change the water at regular period and also need to remove the weeds.

Pond Maintenance in Different Seasons Due to Different Problems

  • Spring Season – After waiting for long days to see the sun, it is the right time now to clean up of your home. Spring algae grow into your pond because of excess of nutrients and inadequate beneficial bacterial action to keep the water clean.
  • Summer Season – This is the time of the year when you spend most of your time near the pond. You need to control the level of water where it should be.
  • Winter Season – Winter is the season when your pond stops functioning. During this time, do not forget to construct holes into your pond so that gases do not trap inside the pond.

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General Mistakes to Avoid During Pond Maintenance

  • Improper Filtering – Filtration of water is necessary to make it have crystal clear appearance. There are two methods of filtration – mechanical and biological. Mechanical filtration will let solid residuals out of the water. Biological filtration will remove extra ammonia from the pond using the natural cyclic process. The easiest way to accommodate these two-filter system is purchasing two filters into one system.
  • Improper Timing – Everything needs time to adjust with the new environment. You must understand that all creature’s plants, fish and other organisms will take time to adjust. If you wish to add new fishes into the pond wait for some time till they adjust to the new surroundings. Also, take necessary steps to prevent algae growth.
  • Overpopulation of Fishes – If you have large number of fishes in your pond, it can be dangerous. As there are more number of fishes the amount of oxygen will be insufficient in the pond. The ammonia will increase due to which fishes and plants may die.
  • Water Changes – At the start of the season, you are recommended to do less water changes for a healthy pond. As your pond has undergone biological filtration adding new water can raise nitrogen and other harmful gases in the pond which can harm the pond.
  • Less Impact of U.V. – If your water is not pure then the pond is more prone to fungal infections which are harmful. It is suggested that you should use only U.V. sterilized water to keep it healthy.

To wrap it up, it is suggested to purchase pond maintenance equipment and clean up your pond regularly.