Turning your basement into a home theater can help you to get the greatest use out of your basement and may even increase your home value! A home theater is a perfect place to entertain and may become your family’s favorite place to relax. Turning your basement into an amazing home theater doesn’t have to be costly or difficult, you simply need to take the right steps and purchase the right equipment.

  1. Finish the Room

Basements already have some qualities that are desirable for a home theater. Most are rectangular in shape, which is great for sound quality. Most also have no windows, which is great for both audio and video.

Unfortunately, this is where desirability ends. Concrete is terrible for home theaters, so you may wish to consider installing drywall. If the ceiling is open, you should close that in to get the best sound, as well. Basically, finish the basement first, then work on optimizing it for your home theater.

  1. Paint and Add the Right Flooring

Dark colored, flat paint is best for a home theater. Light colors and glossy paint reflects light, which can be annoying when you are watching a movie or show. For the floors, thick carpeting works best. Thick carpeting absorbs ambient sound, so you will better hear what is happening on the screen. Thick carpet is also comfortable and adds a relaxed vibe to your home theater.

  1. Place Your Television for Optimal Viewing

If you are considering creating a basement home theater, chances are good that you already have a great television in mind. For optimal viewing, you just need to make sure that wonderful television is placed properly. The television should be front and center to the home theater seating and should be at a perfect distance, which depends on the size. The television should also be angled perfectly, so that viewers do not have to look up or down to see it.

  1. Select and Place Your Sound System

A high quality sound system can enhance your home theater immensely. Don’t skimp on sound quality and consult with experts if you are not knowledgeable when it comes to audio equipment. After you have obtained your perfect sound system, place your speakers to create a surround sound effect that will thrill your guests and family. The best placement may vary depending on the shape of the room and the furnishings, so do your research.

  1. Accessorize to Make It Yours

After you have purchased and installed the basics, accessorize your home theater to make it the room of your dreams. Purchase high quality home theater seating to give everyone the best seat in the house. Add throw pillows and blankets to make it perfect for relaxation. Decorate, but make sure that the decorations don’t detract from the video or audio. Sit down and enjoy your new dream home theater in the comfort of your own basement.

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