One of the main reasons why kit homes are super popular is the flexibility of the design. Having to personalize your own home means you have the freedom to choose which stand out architectural design you would want to use in the future. Below are some top notch idea that you can use in the future if you ever decide to opt for a kit home.


The craftsman design is a very masculine yet functional type of architecture design. It’s truly a standout with its stone and brick material design. Bungalow and Craftsman style homes were born out of the Arts and Crafts Movement. The emphasis is on natural materials — wood, stone and brick. Wide front porches and low-pitched roofs are typical. The interior’s open floor plan features built-in furniture, big fireplaces and exposed beams. It has a homey vibe that will definitely make your whole home feel cozy.


Colonial design is popular in America in the 1600s. It still holds a charm especially if you want something a bit out of the ordinary in this modern age. Colonial architecture is most often characterized by evenly spaced shuttered windows. Dormers, columns and chimneys are also evenly proportioned to complement the formal style. It will definitely add classiness to your whole room.

Mid century modern

Put contemporary and 80s vibes together and you got this art deco type of house that will simply quench your thirst for anything aesthetics. This forward thinking style started out back in the post war era. Characterized by flat planes, large glass windows and open space, the style focused on simplistic design and seamless integration of nature. Be sure to add popping color to make it more modern.


Add tropical vibes to your home through this popular Hollywood design. The homes were modeled after the hacienda style, with red tile roofs, arches and plaster surfaces. This style is very popular again and features a lot of the original design elements, including porticos, balconies and ornamental details such as heavy wooden doors and multicolored tiles. This type of home kit design is perfect for anyone who wants to live during the summer season forever.


Keep it in the times. Who said that kit homes should always be inspired by older styles? The modern architecture design is all about a clean finish. Most classic examples of modern architecture are more than 50 years old, which makes it a little easier to tell a modern-style home from a contemporary-style home. Open living spaces, clean, geometric lines and function-over-form are key elements of the style.

Multi level home

This type of home is a contemporary home kit design perfect to those who live in the suburban area. This kind of house and lot for sale is typically the big ones located in gated subdivisions. Since you own the entire perimeter on the property plus the house, you can do whatever you want with it. Being multi level means you can create more spaces and rooms without being convoluted in a single space.


This super practical home is perfect for any type of family. Mostly found in urban areas, the row house, more commonly known as the townhouse, became popular in the early 19th century thanks to limited space and the financial benefits for the architect/builder. It’s minimal and traditional which means it’s perfect for those who want to live in a low maintenance yet still classy type of house. Opt for this if you think you don’t have the time for maintenance and if you just want something simple.