Wood decking is a type of building material that is utilised to construct outdoor spaces such as decks and also patios.

  • Decking can be made using a range of hard and soft kinds of wood species, all of which will dependon what the wished for appearance is of the homeowner.
  • Wood decking provides any type of outdoor building with a wonderful, natural and rustic look to it that is impossible to achieve with any type of metal or composite materials.
  • People wishing to have a deck built will easily increase the living area, develop the perfect outdoor spot for dining and gatherings and also increase the selling price of their home if they ever wish to move sometime in the future.

Soft and Hard Woods

The Soft

  • Homeowners usually choose softwood decking made from pine or fir because it is cheaper.
  • These kind of softwoods are very easy to work with, and you will occasionally have highlights of knots and other flaws, which a lot of people find somewhat attractive.
  • Softwood timber decks must be treated with sealants to aid in preserving their lifespan, and it’s also possible to stain them so as to change their colour.

The Hard

  • Hardwood species are another excellent solution for timber decking.
  • This kind of wood provides a natural resistance to every kind of mould and moisture and provides the deck with its renowned strength and sturdiness.
  • Use expert deck builders in Brisbane to ensure a perfect quality job.
  • Hardwood has its natural colour and doesn’t require things like staining unless the owner wishes it.

Going it alone or getting in the Experts?

Many ground-level types of decks and patios can be built by those out there who are dab hands at DIY.

However, if wood decking is going to be used on elevated decks, the construction should be undertaken by experienced professional workers to minimise the risk of any type of collapse and maximise safety.

Professional installation by experts will somewhat add to the price of the wood decks, and it may be legally necessary by local state building codes depending on the type of building.

  • Wood decking segments can be placed together by using fasteners, include the likes of screws, nails, and bolts.
  • Some steel plates and/or special fasteners may also be deemed necessary for any heavy-duty applications.

Your Neighbours Will Soon Be Talking!

Depending upon the type of wood decking that is going to be used, installers may want to consider adding protective seals or stains to help conserve the deck’s visual appearance.

Clear sealers help in the prevention from moisture damage, while the coloured stains will change the appearance of the wood and also add protection.

Looking Just Great!

Remember to take a photo of your lovely home before and after increasing the good looks of your home with wood decking and note the huge difference in its appearance!