If you are moving into a new college far away from home, then finding an affordable and comfortable home to stay will likely be at the top of your priority list. And when searching through the various properties on offer, you can have to account for various factors like location, housemates, and so on. Below, we look at five such factors in brief detail.

Check Neighborhood Options

When looking for rentals, don’t have a rigid idea of where you exactly want your house to be. This can make you inflexible when selecting a home, and you might end up passing on some great offers. For example, suppose you wish to rent a house just near to your college. Now, what happens is that you avoid looking for homes in the neighborhood and only focus in the region in which the university is located. While this is not a bad idea, this is not a good idea either. Maybe you might find rental properties in the neighborhood that are far cheaper than those near to your college. So, if the traveling distance is not an issue for you, then you may be better off choosing the cheaper home located in the nearby neighborhood. To make the search process easier for you, consider using online rental property finding services.

Read Agreement Fully

Make sure that you thoroughly read the rental agreement provided by the landowner of the house. Remember that the agreement is a legally valid contract. As such, you will be obligated to follow it 100% once you sign it. You should especially watch out for the lines regarding the deposit that has to be paid to the landowner. Some of them might try to avoid refunding you the deposit and will issue contracts that indicate this. But if you do read through it properly, you will be able to identify such statements and ask the landowner to modify it as per the normal standards of the rental market.  Many experts, such as the ones at STL City Wide, is of the opinion that signing an agreement without reading can backfire.

Get Good Housemates

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Your home will be incomplete without housemates. As far as possible, only get housemates who have a pleasing, warm personality. They should also not have a propensity to damage any objects in the home. This can not only irritate the landlord, but you may have to meet the damages from the deposit. Ideally, you and your housemates should be able to decide on the house issues by yourself without any confusion.

Decide Bedrooms         

Decide which bedroom you want well in advance of signing the document. If you bring in housemates, then there might develop a conflict as to who sleeps in the biggest, most comfortable room. Such confusions and conflicts can be avoided if you and housemates decide before signing the agreement as to who will live in which bedroom and so on.


You should also look at the amenities available near the home. Check which theaters, pubs, shopping malls, parks etc. are located in the vicinity. Without looking for these things, you might end up renting a home located in a spot where there are no such amenities nearby.