Domestic as well as commercial properties can be affected by the problem of pests. From rodents and cockroaches to birds and bed bugs, there is a whole range of pests that cause damage to property and health. The task of controlling such pests is daunting and requires professional help. Professional pest control agencies render such help to the common people struggling with the problem of pests in their properties.

There are many professional agencies dealing with Pest control which specialize in pest control of various pests right from elimination to prevention. These agencies have well tested solutions to combat the menace of all kinds of pests.

Some features

All the agencies offering Pest control employ pest experts and professional technicians. The pest experts make an inspection of the property to determine the causes and exact extent of the pest problem. This is done to design the best solution to eliminate the pests from the said property.

The technicians are well trained in pest control. The technicians also carry a certificate of minimum Level 2 pest management issued by the Royal Society of Public Health. The substances used in pest control are all permissible under the control of pesticides regulations. Safe techniques are employed by the technicians to prevent exposure of the family members and pets to the harmful chemicals. The technicians also take extra care to not cause any damage to the property and avoid contamination.

The pest control agencies ensure that the pests are completely eliminated from the property. Written reports of pest control are also provided by the agencies if and when required by the clients. The agencies also suggest methods to prevent recurrence of pests in the future.

Types of pests covered

The companies offering Pest control cover a wide range of pests. Some have been discussed here.


Fleas grow in numbers rapidly and are constant irritants for pets and other denizens of the house. The pest controllers use fumigation and heat treatments to eradicate the fleas. Insecticide can also be sprayed for destroying the eggs, larvae and pupae.


Foxes tend to enter homes and commercial premises to hunt for food. They are particularly destructive for poultry houses and water irrigation systems. Foxes can also transmit harmful germs to humans especially young children. The pest controllers use cage traps to catch the fox. The agencies need to set the fox free in the wild as required by law. The agencies also implement safety measures to prevent the entry of foxes such as appropriate fencing. Best protective solutions are determined after a thorough assessment of the property.

Rodents, cockroach and bed bugs are other common types of pests that are eliminated by the pest controllers in .

The pest controllers offer affordable rates for the customers. The companies are insured against all kinds of damages incurred during the operations. Emergency service is usually available within 60 minutes. 24 hour services are also offered by many agencies. Complete list of the pests that the agencies are capable of eliminating are listed on their websites.