We can all agree that for some people, especially seniors, the stairs can become quite challenging to handle due to lack of stability, weakened muscles, and limited mobility. Therefore, the stairs can quickly become a hassle.

As soon as stairs become a hassle, most seniors decide to find a single level home or to reach the retirement living facility. The main problem with these options is that they can be highly expensive.

On the other hand, installing curved stairlifts can be beneficial because it will provide you both cost-effective and fast solutions when compared with other options.

We decided to present you benefits of installing them for your parents or grandparents.


The first and most important advantage of owning a stairlift is to increase overall security and prevent injuries that may happen due to lack of balance and coordination. 

Therefore, the best alternative is to get a motorized chair that will take you to the next floor, which is a way better solution than using stairs.

Generally, most common injuries happen because seniors want to use stairs, especially since this is the common area that could lead to falling and causing even greater inabilities.

They have to miss a single step while walking down or up, and that could result in broken leg, hip, or other severe injuries. Of course, another side of coin states that most seniors use stairs for exercise, but due to lack of balance and loose leg muscles, that is a risk.

Instead of risking life, they can quickly go to local gyms that are made explicitly for seniors to keep them healthy. The best exercises they can handle include swimming, walking on the treadmill, and riding stationary bikes. 

Most of us agree that these are much safer options and exercises than walking down the stairs.

Convenient Solution

When compared with other technological gadgets, stairlifts are simple for operation for most users. The easiest way to use stairlift is to sit on the seat, to place the seatbelt, and to press the switch, which is, in most cases, located on the armrest.

That will provide you the possibility to go up and down based on your needs and preferences. If you wish to stop it, you need to release the switch, and it will stop moving based on your actions. 

You will be able to find the ones that feature rocker switch so that you can have a more convenient solution.

You can also get the model that features two-keyed remote, which is efficient because more people can use it with ease. In case you are at the top, and the lift is down, you have to press UP and wait for a few seconds for it to arrive.

Comfortable Solution

Apart from being simple to use, you will get a comfortable chair, which will be much better than going up or down by yourself. Some of them feature additional cushions as well as other ergonomic features so that you can achieve perfect comfort and avoid strains along the way.

Therefore, when you decide to find the one for your particular needs, we recommend you to find the one with ergonomic features so that you enjoy in additional comfort.

It Will Bring Confidence and Independence

We have mentioned above that living in a house with the basement, and upper floors can cause issues to seniors, especially when it comes to their ability to handle things around them. You may feel like losing your independence.

Finally, you can reduce this particular problem because you will not need assistance from family members and friends so that you can enjoy all the way. 

As soon as you install the lift, you will regain your freedom because you will be able to quickly and safely access any part of your home. We recommend you to click here so that you can learn more about stairlifts. 

Affordable and Fast Option for seniors

If you cannot go up or down by using stairs at your home, the most affordable and fastest solution for your freedom will be using the lift. Similarly, like any other purchase, you will have to conduct comprehensive research.

However, as soon as you make a purchase, you can install it in a few weeks for curved and a few days for straight stairs. Remember that curved stairs will require more time for installing because they have to be custom designed based on the turns, incline, and other factors.