smart home

The best smart home devices are more than just a fad. They promise to make our lives significantly more manageable and efficient in the long run, saving us time, energy, and money. We now live in a world where the lights turn on automatically when it gets dark outside, the heating turns off when we’re not home, our speakers have an assistant who can help us answer questions, and we can have made to measure electric blinds controlled at the touch of a button.

Best Products To Make Your Home Smarter

Here are some of the best products we believe will make your home much smarter.

Video Doorbell

If this is your first foray into innovative home technology, we’d recommend a video doorbell. This wire-free device includes HD video, direct-to-mobile video calls, and two-way audio so you can communicate quickly with anyone approaching your door. It is simple to install and requires no electrical expertise. Add night vision and a 180-degree viewing angle to the mix, and you have a reliable device for all seasons.

Smart Thermostat

If you have central heating, you’ve most likely noticed significant increases in your utility bill. A smart thermostat can help you manage your indoor climate more precisely. A smart thermostat can be installed to replace an existing thermostat. It allows you to set the temperature on the device itself or your phone from anywhere in the world.

Electric Blinds

Electric blinds are extremely convenient, especially if your windows are high up or in inconvenient locations behind furniture or other obstructions. Large windows with a lot of surface area to cover can require a lot of effort to get the blinds across – but with electric blinds, you can relax and watch the blinds close themselves without even getting up from the sofa.

Smart Plugs

We frequently recommend smart plugs as a starting point for anyone interested in trying out a connected home device. They’re inexpensive, simple to set up, and perform a simple function: remotely turning on and off the power. There are numerous smart plugs available. They include a single outlet with Wi-Fi connectivity to your network. In addition, they use well-designed apps that allow you to programme the plug to turn on and off on a schedule.

Smart Hubs

While it is now easier than ever to set up a smart home, the process is not without flaws. For example, you could add a collection of smart devices only to discover that they don’t play well together. That’s where smart home hubs come in, and every major player has one — Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, and others. Stick with what you know, so stick with Apple’s hub if you’ve been a Siri fan since the beginning. Amazon will best serve early Alexa adopters who rely on Prime deliveries. We’re not here to change your mind if you’re an Android user who loves Google Assistant and its unique ecosystem.