Most people have limited knowledge of electrical wiring. If you do not fully understand how it works, it is crucial that you call an electrician right away. Do not attempt to fix anything because you think you can handle it. Dealing with electricity without the right knowledge and gear can be life-threatening.

To guide you, here are some circumstances needing the expertise of emergency electrician melbourne:

If the system always puts you in the dark

If you notice that your electrical circuit breakers trip most of the time, it is crucial that you call an electrician. This is a warning sign that your circuits are drawing additional current more than they can safely provide. Frequent tripping off may also indicate dangerous fault on your circuits.

If the lights always flicker

If you notice that the use of your hair dryer causes the lights to flicker, it is high time to get your system checked by an electrician. You have to know that for motor-driven appliances, they draw lots of currents. With this, they should have a dedicated circuit.

If you see an octopus at many outlets

Octopus connection describes the plugging of different appliances or gadgets to a single extension wire. This connection is a fire hazard because usually, people do not mind if the cord can withstand the load needed.

Ideally, your outlets should be free from multi-receptacle add-ons. There shouldn’t be something strangling on your outlets because it can cause the electrical system to work beyond its capacity.

If you see more rug bumps

Rug bumps caused by electrical wires are a fire hazard and definitely messy. If it comes to this, it is time to call the electrician to install more outlets.

If you feel a warm and tingly feeling

Whenever you touch the surfaces of switches or outlets, you get this warm and tingly feeling. This is an indication that there is an excessive demand on the circuit – or possibly worse. If you have older homes, you need to contact an electrician right away especially if you still have that aluminum wiring.

If you do not have GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters)

For wet areas like kitchen and baths, the outlets should be protected by CFCIs. This will keep the whole family safe. It can be easily retrofitted into your home so it will be code-compliant. For this, you need an electrician. If you already have this installed, you should ensure that they are properly working. You can simply test the reset buttons.

If rust is taking over

If you notice that moisture or rust is slowly taking over the main service panel, it is a sign that something is wrong. An electrician should be called to determine if there is a deterioration of the panel. Keep in mind that the deterioration will threaten the main wiring connections within the panel.


If your home was built recently, it is highly likely that the electrical system is upgraded. If you have older homes, you need repair because new codes will make your homes safer. It is crucial that you keep up with today’s electrical demand. For any electrical concerns, you should look for Melbourne’s best electrician immediately. More importantly, do not attempt to touch anything.