Don’t compromise the beauty of your landscape by using plants that are hard to grow and maintain. These easy-to-grow trees, shrubs, and perennials will help create a worry-free beauty for your landscape design Sydney.

Gold Sedge

Sedges are best grown as groundcovers, for borders, water, and woodland gardens. These plants help control erosion. You can plant sedges on soil that’s loamy and slightly acidic that sees part to full sun. When planting, keep the soil moist but well-drained. During spring, you need to do pruning before new growth appears, keeping it tidy as much as possible.


Barberry has thorny stems, which serves as a good foundation to promote home security. Barberry, once established, is proven to be drought tolerant. It is bright orange for new growth and later turns into chartreuse in its leaf margins as the season changes. There are areas where barberries couldn’t grow. The local extension service should give you advice on this matter.

Smoke Tree

You can grow a smoke tree as large shrubs or small trees. Its leaves are reddish-purple leaves that turn scarlet during fall. There’s no problem if you expose it under full sun. You can also plant it in average garden soil that drains water easily.


This is known for its fragrant and sheds its leaves annually. Sarah Bernhardt is a very popular kind of peony. You can plant peonies in fall or spring. This flowering perennial plant can thrive hot summer regions as long as you plant it on well-drained soil with compost or other organic materials. Place little fertilizer when planting and have organic, all-purpose fertilizer every year.

Hawthorn Tree

Hawthorn Tree has leaves that turn purple to red during fall, white during spring and orange-red during winter. Winter King is the favorite of many landscapers. It is upright, sheds leaves annually and has occasional, small thorns. You must plant it under full sun and well-drained garden soil. It can grow as tall as 25-35 feet.


It is a very good ground cover as it has grass-like foliage with blue-violet summer flowers. The favorite among landscape design Sydney is Big Blue which is evergreen throughout mild winter climate. It works great as ground cover especially on areas that are hard to mow. You can plant it under the full sun but make sure to have it planted on fertile and well-drained soil. Liriope is known to be drought tolerant.

Ribbon Grass

Ribbon Grass is best grown as a ground cover or to control erosion on slopes. However, ribbon grass can spread aggressively so it is important to check on your local extension service office if the plant is not banned in your area. You can plant ribbon grass on the soil under full sun or with light shade. It shows the best color during the full sun. Prune it in late winter.


Juniper is just one of the many easy-to-maintain shrubs. Its color is evergreen with foliage that’s yellow-green. It changes color into bronze-orange during fall and winter.

Landscape plants should not be hard to handle or easy to grow. It should thrive against your weather for years to come. Plant the right plant at the right place