The drain pipe is one of the most important pipes in the whole plumbing system of the house. The drain pipe runs under the ground and connects to the main sewage lines of the municipal system. All the smaller pipes from the different plumbing fixtures in the house connect to the main drain pipe. The water from the toilet, the shower drains, and the wash basins goes into the drain pipe and moves into the main sewage lines.

Unfortunately, blockages in the drain pipe are very common. Most people don’t really think twice before dumping items into their flush. If you chuck solid items in the toilet, they might get stuck in the drain pipe. Hair and greasy liquids, such as cooking oil and fats, can easily stick in the drain pipe, creating an obstruction. As the space closes, the water will require more pressure to drain through the pipe. Cleaning the pipes is important if you want to prevent leakage under the ground, because the pipe is likely to burst due to sustained pressure.

Call a Professional

It’s difficult to determine the exact point of blockage on your own. Therefore, you should call in a professional for the job. Companies that offer drain clearance in Stroud use special cameras to determine the point of blockage. Once that is done, they will discuss the different options available for removing the obstruction.


The most common method for removing drain pipe obstructions is to push very high-pressure water through the drain. The water will push through the obstruction, carrying it along and out. If that doesn’t work, the company will use high intensity acids to literally burn through the obstruction. In rare cases where acid still does not remove the obstruction, the only option is to remove a section of the drain pipe.

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