A small water main leak can cause big trouble more than you could imagine. Such leakage could damage your beautifully decorated home within some seconds. So, if you could somehow detect the leakage it’s advised that you take action to repair it immediately. There are highly efficient technicians who are into leak detection Woking. The total repair of the leakage could be time-taking and costly but it would save your home to be flooded with water. Sometimes people could realize that they are having a water main leak. You may ask how. This article guides you about the signs that you should consider knowing if you have a water main leak or not.

Muddy, Stinking water- Could you see any changes in the quality of water you are getting? The primary sign of such a main leak is the muddy and stinking water that you could easily notice. If your water main has been damaged dirt mud will start mixing up with the water and will make the water dirty and stink. Even if you could see the color of water has been changed and turned into a little reddish you should consider it as an indicator.

Sudden fall in water pressure- If you see a sudden fall in water pressure and that fall is persistent you need to check your water main immediately. If the water pressure is low in your entire house there is no wonder that you have a leakage issue. If you could spot such a difference in water pressure don’t wait for more, just try to fix it as soon as possible.

Water is all over in your lawn- could you see the water is all over in your lawn? If you could, this is the high-time to take precautions before the water starts coming inside your home. Mostly the water pipes through which water comes into your home are placed in lawns and this is why checking the lawns could give you an indication. Even if you see your lawn area is wetted just don’t wait anymore. Call professional plumbers who could detect and fix the problem.

Expensive water bills- This may be surprising but it’s indeed a possible sign. When there are no unfamiliar activities in your home for the entire month and you still receive an expensive monthly water bill, it’s time to think. Check whether the water main is working fine or not. Don’t just overlook the issue as it could cause even more harm to your home.

A bubbling sound- pay very close attention. Could you hear any bubbling sound from your sink? A bubbling sound when you turn on the taps could be a possible sign that your water main has been damaged or leaked.

All the above-mentioned signs could vary on the basis of pipes’ condition. But don’t take the risk of overlooking if you are experiencing any of the above signs.