Drainage system is as important for any place as the supply of fresh water. Same is true for homes where there is lots of wastes and contaminated water to be disposed off in a safe manner. For this, drains are used. These are the pipes that are used to flush out the waste water produced during various activities such as cleaning, washing, bathing etc. Since drains are composed of certain types of pipes therefore these are prone to suffer from clogging at one point of time or the other. Clogged drains are undoubtedly a matter of worry for anyone as it creates lots of mess in the house or any other place. You can keep your drains free of clogs by taking care of some tips or points as given below.

Use mesh screens– Keep all the drains at your place covered with mesh screens. It is particularly true for bathrooms and kitchens where lots of wastes are there to clog your drain. Mesh screens help in keeping the drains protected against clogging as various particles or other items are prevented from entering the drains.

Avoid throwing wastes into drains- Obviously; you should avoid throwing any types of wastes or other particles into drains. However, sometimes negligence or carelessness on the part of home owners, servants or even small children may result in such a problem. Therefore you must avoid putting your wastes, food particles or leftovers or other things in the drains.

Regular drain clearing- To keep your drains free of any clogs; it is advisable to clear away your drains by taking help from professionals or even doing it yourself. Make sure the drains are cleared on regular basis at least once in a month. You may put some clearing agents such as a mixture of baking soda and vinegar followed by pouring of hot water into the drains. It helps in clearing away any debris, fatty substances or other clogging agents in the drains.

These are just simple tips or points that help you to keep your drains free of any clogging or blockage and lead a hassle-free life. It also saves your time, money and efforts which are otherwise spent in managing the clogged drains.