Tidying your bedroom wasn’t fun as a child, and it’s still not fun as an adult, but at least now you have the power to organize your bedroom exactly as you want it. When you’re young, you have no option but to make the best use you can of the furniture you’ve got; but as an adult, you can change that furniture to suit your personal tastes. As a consequence of this, tidying your bedroom can be as much about adding extra storage as it is about getting rid of unwanted junk – and approaching the job from both of those angles can give the best overall results.

Storage Space

 Storage is one of the great challenges when it comes to organizing your space, and even the smallest of bedrooms can benefit from giving some of its space over to a wardrobe for clothes that need to be hung, and a chest of drawers for those garments that can be folded flat. Of the two, drawers are generally the better option for very small spaces, as you can use any spare room to hide other small items out of view, whereas a wardrobe tends to be useful only for clothes.

 Reduce the Mess

 With adequate storage added to your bedroom, your next challenge is to make sure you can fit everything into it – and that you’re not storing possessions unnecessarily. It’s easy to form a sentimental attachment to the most mundane of objects, but be honest about what you need, and what you could bear to part with. Throwing the first item away is the hardest part, but once you’ve binned a reasonable amount of stuff, the freedom and extra space you’ve managed to create should soon help to ease the pain of parting with your much-treasured junk.


 Now you have a sensible amount of stuff, and an adequate amount of storage, it’s time to put everything in the best possible place. Seasonal clothes might be best stored in bottom drawers, which require you to bend down the furthest and are most at risk of becoming blocked by items placed on the floor in front of them. Regular garments – particularly underwear – are better off being easily accessible, and that’s why you’ll usually find the ‘pants drawer’ at the top, rather than the bottom. Small possessions that you very rarely need to access, but don’t want to get rid of, can be put out of sight – for example, in storage boxes under your bed – and simply pulled back out on the rare occasions that you actually need them.

 Bring it together

 Finally, bring everything together in one concerted effort, packing away all of your clothing and possessions into your newly organized storage space. Making sure that, at least for one day, everything is where it belongs gives you a strong starting point from which to build through small behavioral changes that help to stop your room from becoming swamped once again by items that have not been put back in the drawer where they belong.