One of the first things that your guest notice about your home is flooring. If you’re trying to impress upon your guests or any visitors how well furnished your home is, it isn’t going to sound quite so convincing if the walls and floors of your home are worn and dirty. And this dirty flooring creates a negative impression on there minds.


 Ugly Flooring

 Floors suffer a great deal of hard wear, particularly in a heavily furniture. It stands to reason that floor covering in these situations will get a great deal of punishment and often, over time, deteriorate to the point that they look dreadful. Whilst a certain amount of wear is acceptable, beyond a certain point they begin to drag down the environment and reflect badly on your home. Stains from oil, and any kitchen wastage stains and scrap marks from moving heavy furniture allow moisture under existing floor coverings, leading to blowing, flaking and general damage. But how do you clean up your act without breaking the bank?

 New Generation Paints

 At one time, the options for durable work space paints were limited. Today, there is a huge range of multi-tasking paints available in a vast range of colours. Floor paints can be as much a part of the design of your interior as the wall coverings, with the option to use contrasting coloured paints in different areas. You can implement various ideas on floor paints that look very classy and saves valuable work time.


Avoid Dragging Furniture

Dragging furniture cause great and unclean able stains on floor which looks so ugly and we can not clean them easily. So avoid dragging use wheel trolleys for heavy items to drag so that to avoid dragging marks.

Clean your floors

Make a habit to regularly clean your home floors with some floor cleaning lotions. If you clean your flooring regularly then there is no need to worry about it would be long lasting in comparison to shabby stain floors.

Multi-Use Paints

 Self-levelling floor paint, as the name suggests, finds its own level and leaves a smooth, seamless finish. It is ideal for lighter use or uneven floor surfaces. Waterproof floor paints can be used in basements or other damp environments. Kitchens and other workplaces where hygiene is important can benefit from polyurethane floor paint, which repels germs. For even greater protection, in medical facilities, for example, there is even anti-microbial floor paint available, which uses silver ion technology to protect floors and walls. For cold environments, such as garages and car parks, a special paint has been developed that cures at low temperatures.

 By following these small-small tips ways you can freshen up your floors in a couple of days. And these all are not expensive in cost.