Damaged Drain

One of the biggest challenges associated with blocked and damaged drains is the fact that the pipes are buried deep underground and can thus be difficult to access, assess, and repair – at least without significant structural work. 

CCTV surveys in London were designed to isolate, diagnose, and facilitate repair and maintenance work without directly accessing the pipes; instead using a small manoeuvrable camera fed into the pipes, which displays images on an above-ground screen in real time. This, combined with our industry-grade equipment and cleaning tools, means that many blockages can be flushed without breaking ground at all – and ensures that any significant repair work that is required can at least be isolated in terms of location to ensure that the correct section of pipe is dug up. 

With that said, how exactly does CCTV contribute towards the process of diagnosing and fixing blocked drains, and how should you know when to call in the professionals? 

How do drainage CCTV surveys work?

Small CCTV cameras are fixed to long and extremely flexible fibre optic cables, which are narrow and flexible enough to easily pass through the drainage network and traverse toilet pans, U-bends, and more. The idea is that this camera is then fed into and throughout the system, feeding images back to the screen monitored by the user, which should ultimately depict signs of the blockage. This allows the professional to identify where the blockage is, what it is being caused by, and crucially whether it has created any lasting damage to the surrounding pipes. 

The benefits of CCTV surveys

There is no job too big or too complex for CCTV camera support. Here at London Drainage Facilities, we use CCTV surveys to not only identify the location of the blockage but to arm ourselves with information about the cause and severity of the blockage – so that we can take the ideal steps to minimise further damage and ensure an efficient resolution.

Customers also find that our CCTV surveys facilitate easier access to insurance support, as we can create a full and comprehensive written report about the extent of the issue caused by the blocked drain before repair work, ensuring a sign-off before the work begins. By backing up the report with fixed images directly from the camera feed, customers find that this level of detail helps to ensure a positive outcome from insurance claims. 

Finally, CCTV surveys provide enough information for maintenance, drain clearing, and repair work to be quoted in advance – with London Drainage Facilities offering competitive rates for both emergency and maintenance work.  

How to know when you need a professional drain cleaning or clearing service

If your drains show signs of a blockage, no matter how severe or serious, we recommend calling a professional team to conduct a thorough drain cleaning and clearing service. The sooner you act, the lower the chance of extensive and costly damage. 

Get in touch with our team for more information or to book your CCTV survey today.