Laying tiles and tile grout. It can make a lot of wrong place on the tiles. There are lots of small steps and if you have a plan, then you can make this work almost easy. Lay tiles and grout can be useful in wet areas, especially on walls, floors. Is not for everyone, but for the degree to bath and shower around is very useful.

Since firms can be very expensive and with the help of appropriate tips of amateur handymen you can do this easily, more and more homeowners choose to move the tiles themselves. For this, first we focus on the simple case, of the small areas no bigger burdens should be exposed to tiles.

Tile Laying – materials

To perform tile work professionally, suitable material and special tools are particularly important. Basically, the following materials are considered as standard for tile work. Use tools like Tile cutting machine, Tile pliers to break tiles in small pieces, laying tiles – tile trowel.

Before laying -. Ground level

To start with the tile work, handyman should need a straight, dry and dust-free level. Whether you want to tile the floor or a wall – the surface should be flat so evenly that you do not have to stop again with the ground during the later actual laying of the tiles. This is stressful because … the mortar hardens, the time will look just and reasonable does not do the whole thing at the end then, but the floor in the bathroom, for example – is wavy, what is ugly and especially impractical.

In the worst case you break the tile or other easily after a short time and need to be replaced

It should end as any wall with a tile piece the same size. The edge pieces should have half a tile width. The plan then you just so that you start in the middle of the wall – either a joint or a tile center begins. In corners you always put a whole tile to the wall edge, the tile then capped in the corner.

Tile mortar mix

When mixed the tile mortar is sure, the exact details of the manufacturer – i.e. the amount of water required – to comply. Otherwise, the tile grout is either too watery or too thick and then you make the tiling no joy. But do not worry, you realize pretty fast and then can it at the next charge make tile grout better.

Grouting tiles

Are the tiles or the tile mortar cured – after about 24 hours – it’s time to grouting. For use in wet rooms definitely waterproof grout. Otherwise, you can dilute the tile grout with water and apply a sponge or rubber squeegee on the tiled surface, so that all joints are filled with grout.