Basement is the area on the Ground level this is extra space which some people makes by themselves for other uses. Basement is extra area that we can use wherever we want to use. Fact about basement is that basements become cool in summer days and hot during winters.


Use for Parking:-

Basement is very useful area as we can use that area for the parking purposes. Some has indoor or some has outdoor. Vehicles in the basement are protected from rain, sun or from other natural effects. If we are using basement as your parking area than it save your garage space. As in flat systems there are so much vehicles and individual has its own vehicle so each and every one need garage and this is very space consuming so to avoid this parking in basement is beneficial.

Use for Parties:

Some has large basement area in which you can do a small get-together like birthday parties’, family reunions, Kitty parties and many more. It’s very effective way to save money. For example if somebody has their own business for meetings with clients they do booking in any restaurants or hotels is very expensive. You can decorate your basement according to some restaurant so gave a good impression to your clients.

Use for Gym:

Some peoples are very fitness conscious but they have too much space for gym machines so in that case if you have basement then you can use it as mini gym. There is no need to join any fitness centers if you have your Gym in your home.

Use it as a Store:

Basement is best place to put your extra and unusable things in the basement. It just a easy way to clean your home. If we have extra thing that are not for use now but for future you can keep them in your basement.

Use it as Study room:-

Some peoples are crazy about books makes a extra study room for reading books in peace and you can also use your basement as your study area you can renovate your basement and make book shelves so that to put each and every book in a organizing way. This will save your space.

These are all some of the usage of basement but there are lots of examples to use basement in very effective way like we can use basements as a games club where we can play games like pool game, carom board, chess, videogames etc.