Without adequate planning, a fire breakout in the workplace may present significant risk to an organization and its employees. Lack of escape routes, safety equipment, and proper preparation may lead to injury or even fatalities not to mention structural damage.   

At Marshall Industrial Suppliers, we provide safety equipment for businesses and homes across the UK. Here is a list of the must-have safety equipment in your workplace to guard everybody in the event of a fire.  

Fire Alarms

A fire alarm is a crucial element for any office. Fire alarms help in alerting everybody in a building of a fire, letting them evacuate the premise safely and early enough. Fire Alarm Regulations in the UK recommends installation and maintenance of fire alarms in accordance with the BS 5839 standard. 

Fire Extinguisher

Extinguishers must be put near any possible fire hazards, with visible access. Employers need to make sure that extinguishers are fit for use. Additionally any extinguishers that have been discharged already need to be replaced immediately. Also, ensure you have the right extinguishers for your specific work environment. Note that a water extinguisher may potentially cause an electrical fire to escalate instead of stop it. Hence, research what would fit your workplace best.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Always keep your fire safety equipment secure to guard it from damage or vandalism. Fire extinguisher cabinets are made to keep the equipment safe. They also provide a space in which to lock away any hazardous containers that pose a fire risk. The cabinets are available in a variety of designs, including wall mounted and floor mounted ones. 

Emergency Lighting

For a completely comprehensive fire safety system, you should also have emergency lighting. Should primary lighting not work in the eventuality of a fire, the emergency lighting systems will illuminate fire evacuation roots. That will ensure a consistently secure and safe escape. Emergency lighting is essential to protect against the consequences of fire, e.g., smoke impairing vision and possible power outages. Hence, a fail-safe lighting system should be installed for people exiting a building.

First Aid Kit

Every workplace is legally mandated to have a first aid kit. Moreover, the kit should be easily accessible and regularly checked and updated. If a fire unfortunately occurs, the first aid kit will have the necessary medical supplies for treating any minor injuries.

Fire Exit Signs

Businesses should have fire exit signs to guide users to the right escape path. Emergency exit boxes and hanging exit signs with long life LEDs will ensure maximum durability in the eventuality of a fire.

Fire Blankets

No workplace is complete without a proper fire blanket to smother any potential flames. The blankets are available in a variety of sizes, and can be accessed just by pulling on the Velcro strips. 

Plan Evacuation Routes

Lastly, it’s essential for your workplace to have a set evacuation route in case of a fire breakout. You should test fire alarms and perform evacuation drills to make sure all employees understand the procedures to follow. 

Life is precious and assets and buildings matter. Therefore, at Marshall Industrial Supplies we make it our mission to offer quality, approved fire safety equipment. Visit our site to view the different types of fire protection equipment.