Because energy and utility bills always seem to be on the rise and thieves reside in every Australian city, you need to purchase windows that keep heat transfer to a minimum and put up tough resistance to impact damage. Of course, purchasing new windows can be a relatively expensive endeavour, but you’ll only need to invest in new windows once if you purchase them from a reputable provider that guarantees a high-quality installation. Of course, you’ll have to choose which type of windows to buy, and there are lots of good reasons why you should consider purchasing uPVC windows.

UPVC windows help make your home more energy efficient because they minimise the rate of heat transfer from the inside of your home to the outdoors. That means your heating won’t need to work so hard during the coldest periods to keep your home at the desired temperature, allowing you to save on your bills and help the environment. In addition, uPVC windows are extremely durable, they look great and they don’t damage easily. One of the main things that affects uPVC window cost is the type, which is why this article will detail some of the main types available below.

Choosing the Right uPVC Windows

When it comes to purchasing windows, there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all homes. Everybody has different preferences and tastes in style, but all the uPVC windows listed below look fantastic and do their job effectively.

  • Tilt and Turn – Tilt and turn uPVC windows are a favourite among homeowners in Australia, largely because they reflect a classic European style that has been adored for years. With tilt and turn windows, you have the option of opening your windows fully or just partially from the top as to prevent and deter theft while still allowing air to flow into your home.


  • Awning windows – Awning uPVC windows are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens because they get rid of condensation very efficiently and effectively. That allows you to reduce the chances of mould and mildew making a habitat inside your home.


  • Sliding windows – Sliding windows are becoming increasingly popular in Australia because they’re very easy to use and built to a high standard, and they allow you to take full advantage of the wonderful Australian weather. They’re also practical for just about any room in your home, including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.


  • Fixed windows – Some people prefer to buy fixed windows that don’t open and close because they make homes extremely energy efficient and put up tough resistance to criminals. If you prefer to keep your windows closed at all times, fixed uPVC windows might be perfect for you.


Talk to the Professionals

If you’re struggling to decide which type of uPVC window to buy, you can always ask the professionals for expert advice. As long as you buy high-quality windows from a dependable provider that guarantees a high-quality installation, you can feel confident you’ll love your new windows for decades to come.