Choosing quality doors and windows is not the only guarantee of the durability of these products. In fact, improper installation of these can cause several problems. For example, a poorly placed front door can warp and allow air to fit into your property. Not only does the energy efficiency of the new door vanish, but it also becomes difficult to heat the house.

The same principle applies when installing windows. In addition, poorly installed frames can lead to water infiltration. This situation is not to be taken lightly because it can cause mold inside the residence!

In addition, improper installation of doors or windows makes them difficult to close and lock. Eventually, the situation will deteriorate and there will, unfortunately, be no choice but to change the doors or windows in question.

In order to avoid such troubles as a result of the installation of your doors or windows, it is necessary to detect the problems as soon as possible. Ideally, gaps should be corrected right after installation or just after installation.

How to know if the installation of doors and windows is done?

Inquire before installing products

The best way to protect yourself from door and window installation problems is to have a good knowledge of building standards. And even if you’re not a professional in this industry, there are a few tips for learning and protecting yourself. Search the web or visit the Quebec Provincial Builders ‘ Association website. 

Your research will give you a good idea of the installation standards and rules to follow when installing a door or window. For example, you will learn that it is necessary to put insulation between the wall and the product to install. So, knowing the steps to follow, you can make sure they have been respected in your home.

Be present when installing doors and windows 

Being on the scene when the company comes to install your doors or windows is extremely sensible. Indeed, if you are informed about the installation processes and present during this one, you can first make sure that the installers work in the rules of the art. In addition, you will be able to immediately test the product. Whether doors or windows (especially those with guillotine), open them and close them a few times. Also, try to lock them to make sure the mechanisms are working properly. By the way, the installer should usually go around the house with you. A professional will do this to verify that everything is consistent, show you the different features of your new products and answer your questions. Number Of broken window replacement is available

A good way to ensure the quality of the installation of your doors or windows is to check if the air enters your home. To do this, simply place your hand near the frame and see if you feel a draft. If you are not sure, you can also use the lighter test: turn it on and slowly move it around the window or door. If the flame flickers, it means that the air is entering your house