There are many types of bins to choose from these days. You may not think buying a bin is a big decision, but there are quite a few things to think about and with all the recycling regulations these days one may not be enough. Here are a few styles of bins that you should consider for your home.

Waste Management

Home life now requires a substantial amount of organisation and sorting especially when it comes to throwing things away. These days you shouldn’t just throw everything into one bin, so now it is worthwhile and time saving to actually buy several small ones instead of just one universal kitchen bin.

Bins with handy headings printed on them of what should go inside are great for reminding you to recycle. This not only makes recycling easier, it makes life easier. When it comes to putting your recycling into your designated wheelie bins it is already sorted into the correct category so you don’t have to waste time on this unpleasant chore. So, if you want to make recycling easier, pick a bin that tells you exactly what should go in!

Bright and Colourful 

If you have a family with young children, try having bright coloured bins in your home; you could have a red one for plastic, blue for paper and yellow for the general rubbish. The bright colours will brighten up your kitchen or utility room and will encourage your children to recycle. Your whole family will be eco-friendly with this organised way of dealing with household waste. Having a variety of coloured bins could even be a great educational tool especially when teaching your young children the colours.


Peddle and Press 

Peddle bins are fantastic, you can just press your foot on the pedal and the lid pops up, meaning less mess for you, allowing you to avoid germy, unhygienic bin lids. A metal bin is a modern-looking accessory to your kitchen; however they can be a little more expensive than plastic bins. A pedal bin made with a metallic material adds a sense of sophistication to your kitchen. Another bin that is fantastic for hygiene is the press top bin. The lid remains shut until pressed, hence preventing pesky smells emerging that you do not want floating around your home.

Think About It 

There are a lot of different types of bins to consider getting for your home; from bright and funky to handy and hygienic to subtle and sophisticated. Just think about how much space you have, how much money you want to spend and about the amount of recycling that you need to do. You will be sure to find the perfect, useful bin for you, your family and your home.