Greenery all around, and especially in our own sweet homes and offices fill us with a sense of pride and pleasure. Beautiful flowers and other similar plants are since grown in pots and planters placed in our mini gardens, terraces or on the exterior walls attract the visitors and owners that have repeated glances at them. It is a matter of great satisfaction for all concerned that are able to enjoy fresh air too. Many people prefer the teak planters that are made by combining pieces of teak wood in a perfect manner.

Making your own planters and pots – Those wishing to enjoy their own pots and planters are suggested to first plan the viable structure. They should take into account the shape, height and growth habit of the specific plants that they desire to grow in the desired containers. Those wishing to give the right shape to the planters should consider the broad, upright and trailing plants. The right pots for them can be prepared by studying their growth levels. Try placing a strong plant in the pot meant for the same. A thick and upright clump of bamboo could be the right option. Bunch of ornamental grass like the feather reed is all the more feasible for creating good pots. A large sized celadon green urn filled with burgundy colored sweet potato wine could also be much helpful.

The next step is to study the growing conditions of the particular plants when you think of creating pots including the teak planters. Try to fill the window box with shade-loving impatiens and putting them in the west facing sunny locations. Try different locations for the best results. It is suggested to choose the plants that have similar moisture requirements. Giving preference to the soil is also much significant as it is the soil that is able to boost the growth level. Pots or planters filled with sandy and sharply drained combinations are able to improve the growth levels of the bay, rosemary, and thyme etc.

Successful container planting can be enjoyed by considering the foliage levels too. Waxy to prickly or velvety leaf textures are liked by many plant growers that should choose the suitable pots for the same. Combination of coarse and fine-textured foliage is helpful in creating the suitable pots.

Combining complementary colors like the orange, purple and yellow or blue is good when you wish to create planters for any type of plant. Relaxed colors including the pinks, reds, blues or the yellow are liked by a large number of plant lovers. Greens, silvers, and whites are also quite impressive as regards the creation of attractive planters for your mini or terrace gardens. Why not select the color that matches your house shades. It should match with the patio pavers, borders or the adjacent beds.

Dramatic color combinations can be enjoyed as regards teak planters or other such pots. Though the choice is yours, yet give deep thought to the above tips for your own satisfaction and that of the visitors.