You can use tables for different functions in your house. For example, tables can be used for plants, as side tables, and as console and coffee tables. So, if you are decorating your home, you want to optimise the use of these furnishings in your decorating scheme.

A Conversational Centrepiece

One of the most oft-used tables in the house is the coffee table. You can use the table as a conversational centrepiece as it lies directly in front of your couch and side chairs. If you have a large-sized coffee table, you may want to add a tray on the table with a floral decoration and plants. Large tables are ideal if you want to display both coffee table books and plants.

Add Some Colour and Interest

You can also include decorative boxes on coffee tables that hold and store a variety of items. That way, you can decorate your space and find a place to store some of your things at the same time. Another way to spruce up Hyde furniture in the form of a coffee table is to combine a candle with a bowl of decorative marbles. Not only does the bowl add a sense of utility but it also features colours and patterns that make the coffee table more interesting.

Twice as Nice

Some decorators like doubling up on coffee tables. If you have enough space, two tables can indeed be twice as nice. Include an eye-catching sculpture to add drama and height. Succulents and terrariums are also nice additions to a coffee table, especially if you don’t want to take care of high-maintenance flowers or plants.

A Decorative Diversion

A nice decorative diversion is to add a square tray on a round coffee table design. This is an ideal minimalist approach if you still want to convey some impact. You can also make your coffee table shine with crystals and glass. Add such glass accents as a bell-shaped jar cloche or a magnifying glass atop some favourite old books. You can both personalise the look and make it contemporary.