Painting is a last step when creating any wood furniture. But, it is important to learn how you can paint your wooden chair or any other furniture in a right way. In this article, we will look at the steps on how to paint a wooden chair like a pro.

You do not have to be an expert to know the right way of painting the wooden furniture. It is an easy skill that can be learnt even during your weekends. You just have to get ready with some necessary tools and give a different look to your wooden chair. No matter what type of furniture you want to paint first, steps given are almost the same. 

Preparation is your first step when it comes to painting the chair and doesn’t matter how nicely you paint, if its surface is not prepared well, probably you will not get a proper finish that you will be very happy with. So, let us start:


There are many tutorials claiming that sanding is not needed, in fact there are many primers and paint assuring no sanding is essential. But I have a different view altogether on what I have learned, sanding is equally important. Make sure you start your chair painting by sanding its surfaces with 150grit sandpaper. 

Clear any residue left

After you finish sanding, make sure you clear the surface properly with the tack cloth and wipe out any residue left. No need to use paper towel or speculate if it is better to use lint-free cloth. You can use a tack cloth!


If you want to prime laminate furniture, you need to use high-end primer. Prime using the mini foam roller, or use the foam brush for getting in tough areas. Allow the primer to dry a little as per the instructions on a primer can. When it is completely dry, you can sand away drips with 220-grit sanding & remove the piece with just a tack cloth.

Final Paint

Get your paintbrush ready again. Just apply one even paint coat over the furniture and for the best finish, it is better you apply plenty thin paint coats to get better results.

Final Words

Painting is one of the best activity and beautiful way of emphasizing beauty of the wooden furniture. Make sure you invest in the right tools and keep these tips handy.