Be it the commercial building or a high-rise apartment, the damp proofing is indispensable to maintain the overall aesthetics of your building. Damping is simply a means to curb down on the menace of the moisture within the house or any sort habitant place. This problem is quite common in regions, where the rainfall is intense or the building doesn’t have the proper measure to establish the seamless flow of the rainwater. Not just lowering down the overall appeal of your house’s exterior, dampness is not good for the well-being of you and your family. Furthermore, the homes with signs of dampness often don’t attract the potential buyer. So, if you considering selling off your apartment, then it is crucial to get the problem of dampness fixed, otherwise might lose down on a great deal.

The common method of the damping is to install a sort of barrier between the walls and floors, in order to deter the moisture from travelling and, leading to hefty repairing bills in the near future. This barrier is typically known as the Damp Proof Course, it is advised to rope in one of the most qualified damp proof contractors to install DPC at your residential and commercial space. The DPC shield the timber from decaying and prevent any sort of structural damages.

Leakages are one of the top causes of the dampness In homes and commercial buildings. Even the leakage of water in a minute area of the walling, let’s say near the window frame, with time, the leakage spread to the entire room, causing dampness. So, if you discover even a slight sign of leakage or dampness, it is no brainer to call a damping repair contractor in no time. Prior to doing the damp fixing work, your contractor will see for the gutter nearby and the downpipes, if there are some issues, then he or she will first fix that. Next thing they will see is the cracks in your room, windows, and other places from where the problem of damping may start. Proper sloping of the rainwater at the roofing is vital, the minute problem may the root cause of the dampness.

Types of Dampness

The dampness is divided into two sub-categories, one is the Rising Damp. This sort of damp is there at the ground levels of the room, or even when the DPC is faulty. If you recently installed the patio at your house, this may be one of the causes of the rising damp. Ta fix this problem the damp proofing contractors will remove the soil near the walling of the exterior of the house.

While, the other type is the condensation damp, this type of damping arise from the interior of the house. Proper ventilation and heating is the one-stop solution to get rid of this problem forever.

So, facing the damping problem? It’s not the moment to think or rethink, reach out to trustworthy damping contract to fix this problem forever.