If you’re surrounded by stuff then chances are you need to declutter. Decluttering will make your home healthier, happier and a much better place to be. If you find yourself digging through piles to find a single thing or you re-buy other things because you simply can’t find them then it’s time to declutter.


What is Clutter?

Clutter is those nasty piles of generalised stuff that have become prevalent throughout your home. Any pile which you’re going to sort out soon or just needs organising counts as clutter. It could be the paperwork piles on your desk, the overstuffed wardrobe or the piles of shoes in the hallway.

Where’s your Clutter?

You need to designate the clutter hotspots in your home. Find the areas which are simply inaccessible or disorganised and highlight them on your to-do list. Think about the other people in your home and what elements of your project can help them too.

Time for Realism


Decluttering does take time and you need to be realistic from the off. Don’t expect to have a whole house completely organised and spotless in one day. It may be a long-term project but as each area is tidied you’ll be further motivated.

To guarantee you get anywhere at all you need to make an appointment with yourself, dedicate a chunk of time from your diary and get into it. Don’t allow yourself to book appointments or make plans in your designated declutter time.

Easy Beginnings

Decluttering can seem difficult when you’re facing a mountain to sort so begin with the easiest things. Those old magazines and papers can be automatically set aside for recycling and the old clothes that are full of holes as well as not fitting. Making a start is the aim of the game and once you get going you’ll be surprised how far you get. It’s OK to have ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘maybe’ piles; the ‘maybe’ pile can be the last place you look when everything else is in order.

Where’s it going to go?

It’s almost guaranteed that everything you’re happy to throw away isn’t necessarily ready to be thrown straight into the bin. There will be items you can sell, items you can recycle and others which really do need throwing out. Many items will be perfectly serviceable just not in use and so it’s time to get brutal. Realistically you know you should sell that Mac-book Pro that hasn’t been turned on in months and you can use the cash to buy something you really want.

When it’s done

You need to make the best of the storage you’ve got and organise your remaining property effectively. The hard thing is to ensure you don’t fill up the whole house once more and adopt a new outlook on life. The ‘one in, one out’ principle is ideal for people who can’t help but hoard and it ensures you don’t ever end up surrounded by clutter again. Being clutter free is a way of life and something you need to keep regularly in check. If you feel old habits coming back then stop them before they get out of hand.