So, you finally decided that you want to create a tiny house of your own and get an MCC income limits Texas to fund your expenses. Well good for you! However, do you have the slightest idea of the things that you should have with you before you start in creating the tiniest house of your dreams? Well, we have compiled a checklist for you to complete before you start hammering your way to homeownership! Here is the tiny house checklist.

Building Plan

Never start a tiny house with a “whatever will be, will be” attitude. Sure, there is great excitement in creating things on the go. However, doing this will cost you more than you expect. Tiny houses might seem small, but the cost of producing it is quite high. Some even more expensive than your typical household!

So before you even pick up that hammer, you should hire an architect that has intensive experience with tiny houses. This way you can start and finish without a single worry in mind. We also created a small list for you to consider while you are currently in your planning stages.

Determine your exact needs and asses yourself if you are willing to live in such a small space.

Research your land

A tiny house can be portable as well as fixed. When you want a fixed tiny house, then it might be best to look around the lot first, discover the view you like so that you can put mirrors looking out.

Before you even commit, it might be best to take a sit down with people who experienced living in tiny houses and ask them personally the luxuries you need to sacrifice to live in a tiny house.

Sourcing components

When you are creating a tiny house, it might be in your best interest to have the parts, tools, and components so that there wouldn’t be anything holding you back when you start. You can hold off from purchasing paint, but you can never begin to without these.


If you prefer to have your house around when you travel like a turtle. You can. You only need a trailer to do that. The trailer is the base that you are going to start with so if you want to travel with your house in tow, then you can.


Windows need to be there as well. It can come later, but it might help you in knowing where and how big the holes you should leave out. Remember mistakes with windows might cause leaking and damage over time to your wood. So make sure you have one on the side, ready for measuring.


Nobody wants to look around for tools while they are building. Make sure you have all the drill bits and saws within arms reach.


As much as you would like, you need another hand when you are starting this project. Committing friends would do the work. Their labor can go as cheap as a bottle of beer!


We don’t want you to lose a limb, do we?