Just like windows, doors too get damaged and homeowners may discover a failure of the lockset or the surrounding wall area of the door were destroyed. It is during times like these that you may want to consider the options we are about to mention below.

Replace Storm Damaged Hinges and Locksets

Water and wind can play havoc on a door and cause it to blow in. When this happens, the latch usually tears out the strike place and may severely damage the doorjamb. Hurricane-force winds have the tendency to rip your door’s hinges from the door. This calls for Door Replacement in Phoenix AZ professionals as occasional damage is often limited to hinge hardware or the lockset, which can just be replaced.

If it was a case where the reinforced plate that slips over the lockset got damaged, then you could replace the lockset and door knob that got harmed in the process. Existing screws that were ripped out of your door should be replaced with new screws that are larger and longer in diameter.

As far as the damaged door hinges are concerned, care should be taken by the door replacement contractors to properly install at least 3 hinges where the hinge screws penetrate the doorjamb through the studs. To further strengthen the new door, slide locks should be installed towards the top and bottom sections of the door. If you are about to fit double doors, then a slide lock is imperative. Furthermore, the locks should be securely mounted to the door header and subfloor, and not just into the trim itself.

Advantages of Replacing Hardware Only

When you replace just the hardware, you save time and money and you do not require too much expertise.

Disadvantages for Using Hardware

It is easy to be tempted in replacing the hardware only when the entire door assembly should be replaced. The thing is that the new hardware may result in misalignment as the door itself got damaged. The result will be unsatisfactorily as the door will not open or close properly and may lead to air leaks.

Replace the Existing Door with a New Door and Weather Strips

Should the frame of the door be in good condition and square in its shape, then you just have to replace the door. Besides, any undamaged hardware can be used on the new door. Also ensure you check the weather stips and replace these if need be.

The Door Replacement in Phoenix AZ contractor would also need to seal unwanted air leaks and adjust the strike plate to ensure the door latches properly.

It proves to be advantageous to the homeowner if the door alone needs to be replaced, compared to refitting an entire door assembly.

On the other hand, the door is only as good as its frame. Even if a new door is fitted. Sitting with a damaged frame will ultimately result in misalignment. There are numerous factors to be considered when it comes to replacing damaged doors or windows for which professional help is needed.