We all look for something to keep our kids out of trouble; my father taught me to build and I still love the feeling I get when I accomplish that project. Turning a pile of wood into something useful will give your child a great sense of accomplishment.

When starting to get your child interested in building you may consider building the project by yourself, get all the pieces put together to make sure they fit properly, then take it apart. This will give your child a little boost in confidence when he puts it together and it turns out perfect. Gradually work them up to doing it all by themselves so they won’t get discouraged so easily.

The Sailboat

The first project I found was the sailboat. I’m not going to lie to you this project is time consuming. But after you and your child get the final product out to the water the joy in his, or her face will well be worth the time you both have invested into it. For the full project details check out sailboat.

Child’s Toolbox

We all have children who want to help dad, or mom out fixing something. What better way to let them help out than by having your child help build their very own toolbox? This will not only give them a project to work on, but will also give them something to carry their very own tools in. I have found very simple and easy plans for your very own child’s toolbox.


One of the most common starters for children is the birdhouse. This is a very simple project that will have your child mesmerized for hours at a time watching the birds, knowing that they built the very same birdhouse those birds love.

Step Stool

All of us with children have the point in time when your child can’t reach the sink, or a shelf. Eventually we all break down and buy a step stool. My suggestion is to have your child help build his own step stool this will give your child a great sense of accomplishment knowing he built the very thing that helps him reach like the big kids.

Kids Picnic Table

This project will be a great way to get your child interested in building, and will provide a nice place for your child to play at outside. The kid’s picnic table will be a great way for you and your child to bond. Getting them interested young is a good way to help prevent trouble in the future.

Add a fun project for yourself by preparing the materials needed. Pre-cut the woods using a dependable power cutting tool that even beginner’s can handle well. That way, it’s both fun for you and your kids!