The mining industry has seen a considerable rise in recent years. With that, the demand for mining equipment is also increasing. Even though mining is a dangerous activity, with proper training and the right equipment, one can do the work efficiently, keeping in mind the safety measures. Like Underground Rigs & Bolters are used for one-hole automation, every piece of equipment has a particular role.

Mining is classified into surface mining and underground mining. Surface mining covers open-pit mining, mountain removal and likewise, underground mining is all about excavating hard minerals like gold, silver, zinc and likewise. As the demand for mining equipment increased in recent years, let’s discuss mining equipment in 2021:-

Mining drills

Underground mining means excavating the mineral resources that are found way beneath the ground. Mining drills help reach that deep down underground. Moreover, it helps create holes down under the earth to touch the mineral resource. These holes are wide enough to allow the miners to go under the ground.

Underground rigs and bolters

Underground Rigs & Bolters drill holes using the blasting technique in mining. The mining experts prefer using horizontal rigs for excavating hard rocks. The effectiveness of the mining depends on the efficiency of the rigs.

Bolters or roof bolters are used to install tunnels and storage space in mines using hydraulic power. The roof bolters also give added safety to the miners by helping them prevent accidents.


It is a kind of support machine that helps miners by increasing the productivity of work. From cleaning up the surfaces to maintaining haul roads, dozers do a lot of work. After the blasting gets carried out to reach the mineral area, dozers clean that surface to make it possible for the miners to work there.

Feeder breakers

This machine is used for heavy-duty operations in the coal mining process in particular. It has a crushing roll and a chain conveyor to carry out the run-of-mine minerals. Size reduction operation occurs on this machine by putting the material on the conveyor belt.

These are the crucial mining tools for anyone working in the industry that helps get the job done with much more perfection.

There are plenty of other tools used for underground mining that ensure the safety of the workers as well. As it is a dangerous operation, one must ensure that the equipment is of premium quality. Explore and find the seller that you can trust before finalizing the tool.