Rubber Flooring

Whether you are designing a newbuild, or completing a home-renovation project, there are many good reasons to use rubber flooring. This highly versatile material has a wide range of innovative uses throughout the home and can even be utilised in commercial locations. Here are some of the many reasons to consider using rubber flooring in your upcoming projects.

Rubber Flooring Is Long-Lasting And Durable

If you are looking to ensure that a specific area of your home or commercial business is developed with a long-lasting flooring choice in mind, then rubber flooring is a great option. When placed in areas such as gyms or sports halls, rubber flooring can provide a safe and hard-wearing underfoot solution. This easy to clean flooring choice can prove effective when cleaning and sanitising gymnasiums and areas where sweat, spills and high levels of footfall may occur.

Rubber Flooring Offers Fantastic Protection For Highly Used Areas

Highly used areas of your home like your garage or utility rooms may benefit from rubber flooring choices. This type of flooring solution is easy underfoot and requires little maintenance. It can also be cheaply purchased and installed, and is simple to replace when required. There are a wide variety of different choices when it comes to colours and finishes, so choosing a style to compliment your existing decor won’t be a problem either.

Rubber Floors Are Resistant To Spills And Stains

Rubber floors are excellent choices for areas where stains will need to be resisted or repelled. These easy-to-clean flooring choices are popular in garages for this reason. They are easily wipeable and in the event of an oil spill, can be immediately mopped or industrial cleaned. When used in areas such as playparks and schools, rubber floors can provide additional assistance with reducing mess and spillages and providing cushioned flooring for younger children and adults alike.

Where Can Rubber Flooring Be Used?

  • Commercial And Home Gyms – rubber flooring is commonly used in both home gyms and commercial gyms. This is due to its durability and cost-effective nature. It is also perfect for areas that need to be cleaned or sanitised regularly and for protecting an area of flooring on which heavy machinery may need to be placed. This will save any current flooring from being subject to damage when gym equipment is frequently used.
  • Schools – school gyms, school halls and other high-use areas may choose to utilise rubber flooring. This could be in the form of rubber mats or full flooring options. Creating a safe and easily manageable area makes rubber flooring a popular choice.
  • Offices – many office areas use rubber flooring throughout their buildings. From stockrooms to wider spaces, you can expect to see rubber flooring widely utilised throughout.

What To Look For When Purchasing Rubber Flooring?

When purchasing rubber floors, you should aim to call in a selection of free quotes. This will allow you to check your budget and outlay costs. Chat to companies and see how flexible and helpful they are. Lastly, do your research. Read company reviews and feedback scores to ensure that you are purchasing from a trusted company.