If you are looking for the best lawn mower then you may choose Masport lawn mowers. Masport have various types of lawn mowers like, petrol lawn mowers, battery powered lawn mowers and cylinder lawn mowers. You can choose their self-propelled mower for your convenience. You just need to squeeze the bail to the handle to run this mower and you do not need to push this mower. You can also position the starter cord of this mower according to the distance that you need to cover, and you do not need to bend for mowing your garden. People having back problems generally cannot use a lawn mower because pull-start system of a mower exerts more strain on their back. In this case, you can choose the Masport lawn mowers.  

Why would you choose Masport lawn mowers? 

  • Masport and Briggs & Stratton have designed a lawn mower that can save your storage space. If you have a small garage, then you cannot use a large mower because you have to store it in a safe and covered area. In this case, you can choose Masport and Briggs & Stratton lawn mowers. These mowers are designed with foldable handles, and you can fold their handle upright. Even, you can use their lawn mowers up to 110 degree backward without any fuel. 
  • Masport electric mowers are designed with lithium-ion electric engines and you do not need to pull the rope to start the mower. Masport mowers are the only lawn mowers available in the market which are powered by petrol and designed with lithium-ion battery. 
  • If you are looking for a small mower for your residential property, then you can choose the Masport M-TECH mower. This is a petrol-powered mower and you can easily start this mower by pressing the start button. This mower is also designed with latest lithium-ion battery technology. 
  • It is quite difficult to prune the sideways of a garden and you cannot clean the messy grass clumps from the sideways. Masport introduced a new technology called Smartchute and their mowers have the facility to side distance the clippings. Apart from cutting the grasses, you can also shred the branches up to 35mm, and you can use an additional chipper blade for effective mulching. Once you collect the mulches, you can make some compost to reuse them as fertilizer.

Different types of Masport lawn mowers available in the market: 

Masport has different types of lawn mowers, such as petrol mowers, battery powered mower and gas mowers. Each of these categories has several products. For example, you can find president series, platinum series, contractor, pro-power series and other petrol models in their petrol lawn mowers section. President series mowers are ideal for residential garden and you can find budget-friendly mowers in this range. Similarly, they have three types of battery powered lawn mowers, like Energy Flex Range, Power Flex Range and M-TECH battery powered mowers. If you want to use a cordless mower then you can choose Masport battery powered mowers. You can cut the hedges, mow the garden and blow the dry leaves and weeds from your garden by Masport battery powered mower. You do not need to use a separate blower for your garden. 

If you want precise cutting performance, then you must choose the Masport cylinder mowers. These Masport lawn mowers are durable and they can help you to mow the garden with high specification cylinder. Plus, these mowers are affordable than other Masport models. 

To choose the best lawn mower, you can search Masport lawn mowers online. You can buy the best model according to your budget and preferences from their official website.