your wheelie bin

During the hot summer months, many of us struggle to keep the bins in our gardens and commercial premises from producing unpleasant odours. Whether you have a 240 litre wheelie bin or something larger, here are some options that will ensure that your refuse areas remain clean and fresh.

Always Ensure That Your Waste Is Bagged Before Disposing

Your average family sized 240 litre wheelie bin can take a while to fill up. Ensuring that all of your waste is securely bagged before you place it into your wheelie bin is a great way to help reduce unpleasant odours. This prevents bad smells and gasses from entering into the bin and making it less likely to seep out. There are many different types of refuse sacks available now, including recyclable bags which are perfect for those looking to be more environmentally conscious.

Clean And Disinfect Your Wheelie Bin On A Regular Basis

If your bin has spillages or stains, then it is vital to wash it on a regular basis. This doesn’t have to be an intensive job, especially if you have access to a pressure washer. A good pressure washer will allow you to reach the very bottom of your wheelie bin and when combined with a natural cleaning spray, it can work wonders. Try to leave your bin empty and open for a couple of hours so that it can fully dry before being used again. Don’t forget to clean the outside of your wheelie bin just as meticulously as the inside. Spills and stains are just as likely to appear on the exterior of your bin, so addressing these can also help to keep bad odours at bay.

Let The Air Circulate

Although no-one likes to keep their bins open and exposed to the elements, from time to time it may help to give your bin some airflow. This will ensure that bacteria and odours don’t become stagnant. Your 240 litre wheelie bin can be easily moved if you need to bring it away from the house during this time. If you live in rural or seaside towns, don’t forget to monitor your wheelie bin if it is left open. Pests and vermin such as rats, foxes and seagulls will be attracted to household and commercial food waste and can often create a mess.

Try Natural Remedies To Keep Unpleasant Odours Away

There are many different online hacks and natural remedies to help keep your bin smelling fresh. Using natural cleaning solutions such as diluted vinegar or lemons could make your bin smell better, without harming the environment.

Choose The Right Bin Size For Your Premises

If you run a commercial business, then you will usually require something bigger than a household-sized 240 litre wheelie bin. Ensuring that your bin can hold the right amount of waste will reduce the risk of ripped bags and overflowing rubbish. Allowing excess waste to be on show outside a business will not only be an eyesore for your customers, but it will also attract unwanted pests.