In dealing with rainy season, there will be many problems that may occur to our house. The most common problem actually is leaky roof. Any leak that occurs on the roof indeed may cause worse problem if we are late to conduct repair. Actually, people may have two options in repairing their leaky roof. First is by hiring expert and second is by conducting DIY (Do It Yourself) repair. Some people actually choose the second option because of the factor of budget. It means that by repairing the roof by their own effort, they don’t need to spend much money especially in hiring roofing contractor.


Yet, before you conduct DIY repair, you need to prepare anything first in order to avoid any problems during the repair process. First is by checking the weather. Make sure that you conduct the repair during the bright day instead of in the rain which may become dangerous. Second preparation is about the safety items. Helmet, gloves, and others may be required so that you can prevent any injury to occur. Equipments to conduct repair is also important. It doesn’t mean that you need to buy the equipments because you can borrow them from your friends.