If you’re a pet owner, you’d likely do anything to keep your dogs or cats safe at home. That’s why when you move to a new home, you’d be looking for pet-friendly spaces. Most of all, you’d likely do anything to keep your new home accessible and safe for your four-legged family member.

That said, here are things you can do to make your new space a pet-friendly environment where your dogs and cats are safe and happy. As they say, a happy pet makes a happy family.

Get pet-friendly furniture.

Our pets like to be curious and wonder outdoors. But when they get in the house, they don’t really have that much sense to clean themselves thoroughly. That’s why we get messy carpets and stained couches.

To avoid these kinds of scenario, get some stain-proof couches. You also want to get something you can easily clean to avoid stinking. It’s also a good idea to go with darker colours, so stains and dirts don’t come out easily.

Choose glossy or semi-glossy paints and tiles.

These types of paints and tiles are much easier to clean. You can wipe it down with a wet rug, and dirt will come off easily. Plus, they don’t stain as matte paints and tiles.

Not only will you pet-proof your home but you can also make it child-friendly.

Inspect your home for anything that can cause strangulation or electrocution.

Make sure cords are cut short or at least hanged or taped on walls where your pet won’t be able to reach. You can also get covers for electrical outlets that they can reach. Make sure you also don’t leave anything that can cause them to choke on when you’re not around.

Make a space specifically for them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a whole room dedicated for them or a nice under-the-stairs space or just a bed in the living room. Make some space for them. Put some toys, a bed, and even food and water.

Also, make sure that the space does not have any possible obstacles and hazards that can cause injuries and problems.

This is especially important if you have kittens and pups seeing as they like close spaces. With a space of their own, they won’t feel the need to explore other places that can potentially endanger them.

Move human food, medications, and dangerous products away from them.

You can move these to overhead cupboards or storage areas with locks. Dangerous products should be kept away in a garage, or someplace both your pets and children can’t access.

The most important thing is that they shouldn’t be able to reach anything that they can eat or chew on. Even some human food could be toxic for your furry friends.

Add exhaust fans near their litter box.

You can avoid odors by adding an exhaust fan near the area where their litter box is. You can also choose to have it near open windows or in terraces to avoid stinking. There are also various products that can avoid these odors like sprays and air fresheners.

Most of all, make sure you constantly clean their litter box.

Basically, do everything that you do when child-proofing your home. It also helps when they are well-trained and well-mannered.